How to Import and Export assets using eMAM/Adobe Premiere?

Simple steps to Import and Export using eMAM/Adobe Premiere:

  1. Create a new project or open an existing project in Adobe Premiere.
  2. Open up eMAM panel - Click Windows- Extension –eMAM. Login with username and password from admin
  3. Once logged in you will see all the Projects/Categories and Assets you have permission for.
  4. Select the Project/Category or assets you wish to import and click Import
  5. Make edits using Adobe Premiere.
  6. When ready, you can send your Adobe Premiere project into eMAM storage by clicking on Export
  7. eMAM will detect whether any project with same name already exists in the storage.
  8. If yes, you may update with as a new version the project or rename the project.
  9. eMAM will prompt you to enter metadata info for the project and its assets
  10. eMAM detects if assets are already managed in storage and whether new media have been added.
  11. eMAM will prompt whether u would like to export the new assets into the eMAM storage. If so eMAM can trigger the proxy transcode process.
  12. eMAM can also trigger premiere sequences for preview.
  13. The chosen sequences will b exported to eMAM as mp4 files.
Additionally eMAM allows for project Lock, Checkin and Checkout options.

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