What is permission? What are the permissions that can be granted to a group?

Setting permissions defines the access level of the group for eMAM Director and eMAM Client Interface. The same applies for category permissions too. Permissions are not applicable to eMAM Administrators as they have access to all the features and functionalities of the system.

Following permissions can be granted to a group/user:


View Asset


Add Comment

Delete Comment

Proxy Edit

Rate Asset

Update Metadata

Add Public Tags

Edit Public Tags

Delete Public Tags

Send For Internal Approval

Send For External Approval

Approve or Reject asset

Reports Generation

Archive Assets

Purge Assets

Change Face Version


Metadata Mapping

Manage Projects

Assign Category

Delivery FTP

Delivery Web

View Comment

Download File

Order Placement

Delivery Network Folder

View eBIN


Asset Per Page


View Asset History

Change KeyFrame

Embed code


Add Feedback