What is the function of Delivery feature in eMAM?

       Delivery feature helps users to deliver assets to a specified delivery location based on the type of Delivery profile selected.Users can create different delivery folders in SAN or editors machine. They can then use 'Delivery' feature to send the content from LTO to the respective delivery folders. eMAM has a powerful transcoding feature. User can choose the file format, eMAM can make it on the fly and deliver to destination NLEs. 

       Our delivery service can deliver original files and/or transcoded files to any Local, Network or FTP locations. This covers most of the video servers, SAN, NAS, DAS and NLEs. Archived assets must be restored to the online storage prior to delivery operation. Multiple assets can be selected as a group for delivery. Selected assets are added to delivery queue. eMAM users can deliver an asset, category, and clip to a specified delivery location. 

       eMAM Director:      

  •        Drag and drop assets from Browse widget to the Delivery widget.
    • ​.
  •        Click Deliver from the widget’s pull down menu to select the appropriate Delivery profile for the selected assets.
  •        Click on Add button. 

  •       Monitor Delivery queue under Dashboard widget to know the status of jobs delivered.