After editing a particular file, how to send that file for approval? Please explain the flow for the File Approval process?

Some of our customers, such as Colgate and Turner heavily use file approval functionality.  For example, Colgate editors ingest their edited materials into eMAM. Then they send the asset approval request to their corporate communication group after adding the assets to respective categories. Most of the time, this is internal approval request (users within eMAM). Sometimes, they send the external approval to an email address with temp user id and password. Once the corporate communication approves the content, they just drag & drop that to Public category so that all Colgate employees can preview that content.     

There is also an option to deliver subclips. eMAM transcodes the original file and makes that clip. You have the option to deliver this clip back to eMAM. It will appear as a new version of the same asset. Version navigator is available in asset option window to change the navigate through different versions of an asset. Once you select the desired version, you can set that as a face version. Approval requests will now show that version.

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