Task IDTypeDescription
11914TaskProvision to add bin structure as categories in eMAM under the selected category on AEFT export. (11594)
11917TaskChanges in premiere panel to configure the number of import threads (localization thread)
11919TaskChanges in AEFT panel to configure the number of import threads (localization thread)
11932TaskDisplay Lastname along with firstname in premiere panel check-out status
11937TaskIntroduce Refresh button in metadata widget.
11939TaskIntroduce common update button for metadata update.
11949TaskImplement Signed URL in eMAM Panels (140-29390769-000F) (11945)
10550TaskOption to filter assets based on Metadataset.
11966TaskDatabase changes for including asset metadata set in filter search.
11971TaskChanges in Director eShare to deselect the "enable login" option by default (329-2943E8EE-000B)
11979BugInconsistency in sort order of metadata sets in eMAM Director.
11907BugNo content is found while importing a project with more than 1 sequence(03F-290D3E67-0046) (11891)
11957BugEven though the forward option in the eSend is not ticked, they can access the eSend URL from different networks(1BB-29001E49-0027)
11958BugError at After Effects panel login window.(194-293921CD-0012) (11928)