Task IDTypeDescription
11906TaskChanges in AEFT Panel to get the Signiant Flight configuration details and use Flight CLI to upload the files directly to S3 buckets. (10413)
11986TaskChanges in AEFT panel to make the categories selected by default for new assets during export.
11989TaskChange the column heading from Asset ID to Asset_ID to match the upload template
11982TaskChanges in Premiere panel to make the categories selected by default for new assets during export.
12000TaskTake out the "Not available" label for the duration for images in browse widget
12004TaskOptimize the "Get version info" stored procedure to avoid SQL parameter sniffing issue. (361-2970846A-003F)
11994Change RequestDisable the variable support for stitch delivery.
11726BugStream option issue when we create Stream file for images , audio and other files
11983BugExporting marker with certain timecodes hitting server error (14C-296E9D98-0034)
11992BugDelivery notification not working for Stitched delivery (143-2979A50F-0004)
11993BugSigned URL preview not working in Compare widget (2D2-296B396F-0031)
11915BugWhile exporting sequence version is being exported as new asset in Premiere (11897)
11920BugError while uploading a new version to a placeholder in 5.3(10-2926C9A8-002F)
11967BugUnable to delete a category associated with category metadata if the sub-category is associated with metadata
11973BugManage Users of Admin Tools marks the status of users as Online even if the user is offline (1E4-29685C73-002A)
11974BugAssets queued for restore even when "Include Asset" option is disabled (0DF-29677311-0029)
11975BugThumbnail deletion not reflecting in DB
11980BugSequence name with a trailing space getting created as a new file instead of sequence version (195-296F54D4-003A)
12013BugIssue while exporting SRT file from the Marker widget (10E-2989212D-0001)
12003BugPremiere panel preview player issue - player window scrolls on its own (140-29390769-000F)