Task IDTypeDescription
12061TaskUpgrade eMAM Super Admin to .net 4.0 framework.
12397TaskDisplay user profile image in Markers
12455TaskChanges in Ingest manager to purge the completed netx jobs
12472TaskShow asset dashboard status on asset thumbnail
12477TaskChanges in Super Admin archive profiles to add new Storage classes for “Amazon S3” Archive in eMAM
12483TaskChanges in REST API to include category metadata and usergroup in POST api/v1/Categories end point.
12426Change RequestOn archive / resubmit if the file exists, delete and re-archive it
12298BugIssue with the preview of image files in the list of assets in the eSend preview window ( 075-2A2101F1-008E)
12383BugIssue with premiere, sequence with same name under same category is getting exported to eMAM
12385BugIssue with AFT, Composition with same name under same category is getting exported to eMAM
12401BugIssue with the Long name assets localization in AFT panel
12402BugIssue with the Long name assets localization in Premiere panel
12407BugIssue with preview of assets send through eSend option
12410BugIssue with the approval feature.(003-2A717CF5-002B)
12417BugIssue with DeskLink registration failing in MAC workstations.
12420BugBulk metadata import via excel fails with metadata field value having more than 4000 characters (136-2A715A3E-0029)
12421BugIssue with AFT and Premiere that icon is not showing properly for eMAM projects under assets tab
12429BugArchive threshold in storage profile and immediate archive not working for Lambda archive.
12436BugPanel SDK download is happening from the Director web.config url instead of the server component url.
12458BugSubclip delivery failed for lambda restore while trying to deliver the asset exist only in the archive.(3BB-2A8E4C7E-00E7)
12459BugCRITICAL: eMAMService:GenerateSignedURL(): Column 'HighResCloudStorageType' does not belong to table .
12460BugIssue with Project and Project Version widget time-out while retrieving the data(2F2-2A8E49A1-00E6)
12465BugIssue with History widget, shows broken image under Action coloum
12467BugTriggering the update asset location option for the assets which exist in the cloud initiating the asset purge (1FD-2A97D857-003D)
12468BugDeleting the failed restore entry makes the restore of objects (1FD-2A97D857-003D)
12475BugIssue with the entries in dashboard when an asset update location is done